KanbanJovi Sandbox

Hi there and thanks for requesting access to KanbanJovi.

Welcome to the Sandbox release of KanbanJovi.

We're trying to build an simple yet powerful kanban tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Hangout and the other Google apps, with a consistent user experience so teams can get to getting their stuff done.

We want you to get started as quick as possible, but first a few things you should know.

The Rules:

  1. First rule of Sandbox is You don't talk about You can talk about sandbox.
  2. Each member account will get 5 invites to their boards that they can send out to other people. ( To use them: after you create a board, go to board settings and add user emails for the people you would like to join you ).
  3. If you want more invites, help us create buzz via tweets and social media outlets and we might just give you some more. Please use #KanbanJovi if you are going to tweet about it.
  4. Any Data you put on this site is NOT guaranteed. We aren't going to sell it on the black market or anything, but when we roll out to production.... it's not coming with us. Sorry. Play at your own risk.
  5. There are going to be BUGS, lots of them. We are going to be pushing new code almost continuously. If you find bugs please help us and use the feedback link in the user drop-down menu thats in the upper right section. Please take care to make sure you allow us to respond to your sayat.me post so we can interact with you.
  6. We have not tried to code for Internet Explorer at all. We aren't even going to look at it. Ain't nobody got time for dat. IE9+ should probably work fine. If you are using IE8- we feel sorry for you. We are only targeting Chrome at the moment but everything seems to work just fine in newer Safari, FireFox and Opera browsers.